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  • 1953

    Introduced the first synthetic fishing line in Brazil

  • 1959

    Technology licensing agreement signed with EMS Grilon, from Switzerland, to polymerize nylon 6

  • 1962

    Nylon 6 polymerization

  • 1965

    Produced the first synthetic fishing line in Brazil

  • 1967

    Introduced the nylon copolymer 6/66 in Brazil

  • 1967

    Introduced the first braided knotless fishing net (raschel) in Brazil

  • 1970

    Produced the first braided and twisted ropes

  • 1974

    Launched Trilon Fishing line, produced in copolymer

  • 1982

    New Mazzaferro’s factory, in Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

  • 1989

    The first high tenacity polypropylene multifilament plant in Brazil

  • 1995

    Nylon 6 continuous polymerization facility

  • 2000

    Araty Ocean fishing line won the world record for its resistance by IGFA

  • 2006

    Injection molding facility

  • 2012

    Mazzaferro sells its polymer facility to BASF

  • 2013

    High tenacity line plant with German technology from Zimmer

about us


about us


Maurízio Mazzaferro
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Luiz Caiasso
Marketing & BI Coordinator

Cristiane Balestrin
Back Office Sales Coordinator

Ana Luiza De Rosa
R&D & Quality Coordinator

Gerri Lima
Accounting Coordinator

Edson Mattar
Trader -International Sales

Cláudia Dalbello
Export Manager

Henry Garcia
Information Technology Manager

Gilberto Sitta
Logistics Manager

Osni Lazari
Plant Manager

Silvana Giovani
Supply Chain Coordinator

Mauri Furlanetti
Ropes & Nets Production Supervisor

Paulo H. Alves
Monofilaments & Multifilaments Production Supervisor

Edson Fernandes
Injection Molding Production Supervisor

Rinaldo Trocoletti
Maintenence Supervisor

Monica Biajo
Human Resources Manager

Karoline Alves
Inside Sales

Maria de Fatima Almeida
Sales Person – Recife (Brazil)

Remo Dias
Sales Person – Ceará (Brazil)

Varivaldo Paião
Sales Manager - North and Northeast Region

Vera Lúcia de Barros
Sales Person – São Paulo city

Juliana Sertório
Inside Sales

Juliana Freitas
Inside Sales

Fernanda Falcão
Inside Sales

Daniela Simini
Inside Sales


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