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  • 1953

    Introduced the first synthetic fishing line in Brazil

  • 1959

    Technology licensing agreement signed with EMS Grilon, from Switzerland, to polymerize nylon 6

  • 1962

    Nylon 6 polymerization

  • 1965

    Produced the first synthetic fishing line in Brazil

  • 1967

    Introduced the nylon copolymer 6/66 in Brazil

  • 1967

    Introduced the first braided knotless fishing net (raschel) in Brazil

  • 1970

    Produced the first braided and twisted ropes

  • 1974

    Launched Trilon Fishing line, produced in copolymer

  • 1982

    New Mazzaferro’s factory, in Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

  • 1989

    The first high tenacity polypropylene multifilament plant in Brazil

  • 1995

    Nylon 6 continuous polymerization facility

  • 2000

    Araty Ocean fishing line won the world record for its resistance by IGFA

  • 2006

    Injection molding facility

  • 2012

    Mazzaferro sells its polymer facility to BASF

  • 2013

    High tenacity line plant with German technology from Zimmer

about us


Maurízio Mazzaferro
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Cristiane Balestrin
Back Office Sales Coordinator

Ana Luiza De Rosa
R&D & Quality Coordinator

Gerri Lima
Accounting Coordinator

Edson Mattar
Trader -International Sales

Cláudia Dalbello
Export Manager

Larissa Couto
Export Analyst

Henry Garcia
Information Technology Manager

Gilberto Sitta
Logistics Manager

Osni Lazari
Plant Manager

Silvana Giovani
Supply Chain Coordinator

Mauri Furlanetti
Ropes & Nets Production Supervisor

Paulo H. Alves
Monofilaments & Multifilaments Production Supervisor

Edson Fernandes
Injection Molding Production Supervisor

Rinaldo Trocoletti
Maintenence Supervisor

Monica Biajo
Human Resources Manager

Remo Dias
Sales Person – Ceará (Brazil)

Varivaldo Paião
Sales Manager - North and Northeast Region

Juliana Freitas
Inside Sales

Fernanda Falcão
Inside Sales

Daniela Simini
Inside Sales


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